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POWER 26 - Meet our trainers

Dear Secret Pillower, I am delighted to introduce you to Vasantha, Preethy, Angela, Santhi, Sharmila, Vasantha and Seetha. They are the first Secret Pillow Trainers. During my July trip we spent a day together and produced a training manual with the help of an interpreter. It was a magical and hopeful day. The trainers will be training another 70 women in next couple of months. They will be setting the dates for these workshops very soon. The successful Crowdfunder Campaign early this year enabled this to happen. Thank you, Fritha  Secret Pillow Project - Unfolding women's power P.s. Click here...

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POWER 25 - Become a wallah

  Dear Secret Pillower, A wallah is somebody that performs a specific task. In India they have chai wallahs who make tea, ricksaw wallahs who drive ricksaws and dhobi wallahs who wash clothes. This is your official invitation to become one of our wallahs at our pop up shop. We need: Chai wallahs Secret Pillow wallahs Sprouser wallahs Leaflet wallahs Smiling wallahs Selling wallahs Loading and unloading wallahs To find out more, click here All wallahs will be well looked after by the UK team. in deep gratitude, Fritha  Secret Pillow Project - Unfolding women's power P.s. Christmas shopping yet?...

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POWER 24 - Come underground and party

Dear Secret Pillower,  I am delighted to invite you to Secret Pillow Project's annual gathering. Come and join us underground at Old Street Station on Friday 11 December from 7pm for a traditional South Indian party! Authentic Indian food, booze and music will enable you to experience all the romance, joy and hope that the Secret Pillow Project offers. Limited tickets available due to size of venue, Book your ticket/s now I look forward to having some fun with you. Fritha  Secret Pillow Project - Unfolding women's power P.s. Christmas shopping yet? Start now

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POWER 23 - No more flowers

  Dear Secret Pillower, I love flowers so much, looking and smelling them fills me with great joy. However, there is one thing that makes me happier; seeing confident, hopeful and well resourced mothers giving their children safe and happy lives. I am therefore detlighted to launch Give POWER, Secret Pillow Project's alternative occasion giving range - you now have the opportunity to send a Secret Pillow instead of flowers in celebration or in sadness. Click here to send now This is a new route to market established because support - thank you! No more flowers! Fritha  Secret Pillow Project...

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POWER 22 - Transformation

Dear Secret Pillowers, What a month it has been since the delivery of Secret Pillows. From complete chaos we have transformed our surroundings. We now have a tranquil, simple and joyful space, which includes a store room, picking and packing area and office. We've had a lot help from friends and volunteers that live locally to us. Thank you! As we organised, sorted and quality controlled, we have emailed each person who has an outstanding order with us, including all the incredible backers of the campaign. If you have not received a personal email from us, please check your...

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