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POWER 4 - Secret Pillow Project's Weekly Update

Each time I come to India I become fixated on a different topic. This time it is technology's ability to improve people's lives. An example is the improvements in maternal health through the training of community health workers to use mobile phones to connect pregnant mothers, experiencing issues, with health experts early.
Women, however 'poor', 'uneducated' or 'marginalised' have some idea of and/or access to mobile technology. My question is 'How can Secret Pillow Project harness the power of technology to strengthen our connection with our entrepreneurial producers?"

I asked Sindu, Secret Pillow Producer, "can your mobile access wi-fi?", she laughed "of course, it is slow but all mobiles have wi-fi".
"Are you on Facebook?", I say, she laughs again and says
"Everyone is on Facebook".
"Please will you be my friend?" I ask

Love Fritha
Lead Entrepreneur

Technology is Secret Pillow Project's bestfriend

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