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POWER 5 - Secret Pillow Project's Weekly Update

I explained to the Secret Pillow Producers that having an article in The Telegraph newspaper was the same as having an article in The Hindu, one of India's leading broadsheet newspapers. They were as delighted as I was.
The women believe they will never be able to travel outside India and for them Secret Pillow Project is their way of accessing a wider world. It seems the sense of global connection they feel empowers them like nothing else. The woman in the middle of the picture never left her house before her training and subsquent involvement with Secret Pillow Project. This overwhelms me because she is one of the most talented and able women I have ever met in my life. Click here and read our article. We thank Rebecca Burn-Callander, Entreprise Editor, for this transformational gift of recognition. Love Fritha, Lead Entrepreneur

Click here to read The Telegraph's article that has inspired so much confidence


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