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POWER 7, Secret Pillow's weekly update

Appropriate technology is a term widely used, the idealogy was started by an economist. One defination is: a science or technology considered reasonable and suitable for a particular purpose, that conforms to existing cultural, economic, environmental, and social conditions. The use of treadle sewing machines, (aka non electric sewing machine) by Secret Pillow Producers is a perfect example of appropriate technology for the following reasons:
  • treadles don't rely on electricity
  • treadles have simple mechanisms so easily fixed by the user
  • treadles are the most affordable type of machine available
  • treadles are hard wearing and can be handed down from generation to generation
  • treadles are fit for purpose e.g. the machines can handle sewing thinner sari fabrics, cottons and luckily polyester wadding

Any day next week, come and see this fantastic example of appropraite technology in action in Old Street Underground Station. Love Fritha, Lead Entrepreneur

Appropriate technology being used by Secret Pillow Producers living deep inside Mudumalai Tiger, Reserve in Tamil Nadu, India

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