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POWER 10 - Secret Pillow's Weekly Update

Being offered an opportunity to make a SAMPLE Secret Pillow is like jumping in the deep end with arm bands on, terrifying! But realising you are safe and ok it is electrifying. With the Secret Pillow already sold you have to get on with it. However, there is minimal risk because you have an advance of money to buy the materials and you know that even if it is not perfect it doesn't matter because the person you are making it for is standing on the side of pool cheering, "Come on. You are amazing. You can do it!"
Our 94 Secret Pillow Producers are in India smiling delightedly because they did it! The 700 SAMPLE Secret Pillows they produced are on a ship on the way to UK shores. Amazing women.
If you know anyone looking to be thrown in the deep end, share our 2 month volunteer position with them. Deadline for applications is this Friday. Click here to download
In deep gratitude, Fritha, Lead Entrepreneur

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