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POWER 13, Making it happen!

Happy International Women's Day - Sunday 8 March 2015.This year's theme is, #makeithappen, encouraging effective action for advancing and recognising women. All of us at Secret Pillow Project, from our producers to you, our customers, can celebrate being a part of this drive.

Christopher Coley, Research and Field Support, AMMACHI Labs, Amrita University, Kollam, Kerala India has this to say about our powerful project.
Real empowerment is when someone is able to actualize their innate potential and make for themselves the life they wish to have. The Secret Pillow Project has planted, watered, and nurtured this seed of empowerment in all of the women who have participated, and now a full crop of amazing and talented women have come up, ready to change their worlds for the better.
How WOW is this? Proof it works. Please continue to spread the word and be part of our ripple effect.

In deep gratitude,

Fritha Founder and Leader, Secret Pillow Project - Unfolding women's power

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