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POWER 17 - Shoot For The Stars

I am excited to tell you that our second crowdfunding campaign, Become a Secret Pillower, has it's public launch on the 20th May.  However the campaign will be revealed to you, and all of our other customers, 3 days earlier. It's much bigger this time round and it aims to excite a global crowd.  

What is a Secret Pillower?
A Secret Pillower is someone who owns a Secret Pillow and shares in the belief that all women have the confidence and resources to make choices for themselves and their children. You are a Secret Pillower!

I need your help to make the campaign a success. Here are the different ways you can help:
  • Pledge to back the campaign within the crucial first 72 hours and get it off to a flying start.
  • Inspire 3 of your friends to back the campaign - for every 3 Secret Pillow's sold 1 woman can begin her four stage journey to empowerment.
  • Host a Secret Pillow Party and introduce your friends and loved ones to the world of Secret Pillow.  
  • Join us at our event held in conjunction with the Westminster Business School, where you can hear talks from me and other crowdfunding experts.
If you can promise to do any of the above or know of another way you can help the campaign please contact me -

Together we can do this,

Thank you
Secret Pillow Project - Unfolding women's power

P.S. We know the results of the 2015 Ben & Jerry's Join Our Core campaign but we have been sworn to secrecy until next week!

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