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POWER 25 - Become a wallah


Dear Secret Pillower,
A wallah is somebody that performs a specific task. In India they have chai wallahs who make tea, ricksaw wallahs who drive ricksaws and dhobi wallahs who wash clothes.
This is your official invitation to become one of our wallahs at our pop up shop.

We need:

  • Chai wallahs
  • Secret Pillow wallahs
  • Sprouser wallahs
  • Leaflet wallahs
  • Smiling wallahs
  • Selling wallahs
  • Loading and unloading wallahs

To find out more, click here
All wallahs will be well looked after by the UK team.
in deep gratitude,


Secret Pillow Project - Unfolding women's power
P.s. Christmas shopping yet? Start now

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