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Secret Projects is delighted to accept donations from customers and supporters of our empowerment activities. Purposely set up to run as a social business, Secret Projects, cannot claim gift aid on donations, nor can the person donating receive tax relief. A social business is a business who's overarching goal is a social one, our social goal is the empowrement of women.

The donations we receive are channelled into two areas:

  1. Product development
  2. Social impact measuring.

These activities takes place here in the UK and in India and both completing essential to the our success of unfolding women’s power. Anyone who makes a donation will receive a simple receipt with thanks, via email.

Product development

The main goal of Secret Projects is to empower women in India through making foldable, useful, purposeful and charming products. We currently work with 300 makers but are pushing for this number to increase to 3000. The only way this can happen is if our products continue to be sort out after because they are great products rather than what they help achieve. Basically we won’t achieve our goals, if people buy our products only to empower women, our products must be in high demand because of how brilliant they are.

Coming up with products which are foldable, useful, purposeful, charming and simple to make takes time and resource. Our makers work in their homes and their own communities centres not in a factory under the watchful eyes of a supervisor, therefore achieving high quality is no mean feat. Our development team, Rachel and Sarah, work tirelessly with our makers and team in India to develop the current products and work on new ones. And your donations help to support this process.  We are constantly developing our Secret Pillows and most recently working on a complimentary home ware range which includes Secret Bed and Secret Duvet Cover and we are at the final stages of first development stage of our overwhelming popular Secret Sari Dress.

If you have an idea of a foldable, useful, purposeful and charming product that you are busting to tell us about, please email

Measuring social impact

Measuring the impact of our activities is completely essential because we run as a pure social business, with a social goal of empowering women in India, we like to say our project unfolds women’s power. Each month we measure the following KPI’s.

  •  Number of makers active
  •  Number of makers who have gone up a empowerment stage
  • Number of training events taken place
  • Number of products produced

And we go a step further, we run a group of independent volunteers called “Guardians”. We meet them quarterly to up-date them on these KPI’s and give them highlights of what is happening next in the activities to maintain the current maker network and to expand it. Our aim is, starting from Autumn 2016, for one of the Guardians to come out to India to run a survey with the makers and gather qualitative data on the project. Thanks to your donations we will be able to pay for them to they will work alongside an expert social impact assessor who is from India.

The first Secret Pillow pilot took place in 2013 and we became an official social business in 2014. Through social investment and donations of time, money and resources, and the profits from the sale of 1,000s of products we have expanded. We are still away, away from running our company purely on the profits we make, and your donations continue to be essential.

There are also opportunities for social investment, click here to find out more.