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Eclectic Secret Pillow Collection

Secret Pillows available in this collection are made by producers that have recently joined the project. We call the Secret Pillows they make, SAMPLEs. We tell the producers our customers buy the samples knowing they are their first attempts at Secret Pillow making. We assure them our customers don't mind a wonky line of stitching, they are just delighted to be part of creating the opportunity.

It can take up to 6 months for these Secret Pillows to be produced, so effectively you are placeing a pre order. For every 3 Secret Pillows ordered, another woman can be invited to join a workshop. After the workshop the producers have to time to make them and we have time to ship them to them to UK. Once they arrive we upload the fabric choices to a Secret Store Room and send out the link to everyone waiting for a Secret Pillow. All waiting customers respond with their top 3 favourite fabrics and we send them out on a first come first served basis. Anyone who can't find a favourite can wait for the next batch. No worries!

If you would like a to buy a Secret Pillow for yourself or a friend and create an opportunity for a women to join our programme, you have 3 options.

1. Buy yourself a Secret Pillow with fabric of your choice*

2. Buy one for a friend for a surprise, for their birthday or for Christmas. Choose from one of the lovely cards below.

3. Buy a Secret Pillow as a lucky dip and we will choose for you. Click on lucky dip below.


* If you place an order we will send you a link to our store room so you can see what we have in stock. Similarly, if you gift a Secret Pillow and the reciever gets in touch with us we will send them link of what we have straight away. Everyone has the option to wait for the next round, if one of the fabric choices doesn't jump out at them. 

Order now and become a Secret Pillower