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Support training for empowerment

Secret Projects empowers women through the making and selling of foldable, useful, purposeful and charming products. Empowerment starts with a Secret Projects training course. Through 4 stages of empowerment and our makers recieve trainings and each stage. The stages are called training, professionalism, development and independance. All these trainings are free to attend and paid for by the sale of our products and funds from charitable funds, companies and supporters who make donation.

When we train new makers we start the training by saying that their first three products they will make are already sold as pre orders to our customers. Our starting product is always the Secret Pillow, a pillow that unfolds into a blanket. We call these first three Secret Pillows a maker producers, SAMPLES. They are most precious products and much loved by those who have already bought one in the past.

Every time we want to expand our maker network, we identify the makers, choose the fabrics the SAMPLES will be made from and we offer anyone who has bought a Secret Pillow the opportunity to pre order one.

Meet our new makers waiting for training. Each of these makers will be trained by Secret Pillow makers who lead the network they will join and who are known as master trainers.

There are the new makers of Peace Valley Maker Network from Kerala, South India.

 These makers have tribal hertiage and life is tough ecnormically, socially and culturally. Also there is a common medical issue within their community of sickle cell, which adds yet another