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The Really Tiny Secret Pillow

We are delighted to introduce our newest product, The Really Tiny Secret Pillow. This product joins Secret Pillow and Secret Dress in our range of foldable, useful, purposeful and charming products.

The Really Tiny Secret Pillows are small and very cute. They will be loved by Secret Pillowers young and old. They exsistence is to empower our producers and empower our customers. They do this in 5 ways.

1. They are made from scraps of fabric and wadding left over from making a Secret Pillow. This means our project can make more products out of the same amount of fabric, meaning we can order more products from our producer network. More products equals more income per producer and more new women welcomed into the network and trained. Secret Pillow Project now operates in 6 states in India.

2. We have started working with women who live in urban slums. The most hard to reach of these women have houses not bigger than a small double bed. 5 or 6 people sleep in the homes, some on top of the bed and some underneath the bed. These producers have to cut their Secret Pillow fabric and wadding and sew it in their friends houses. None of their production can happen in the home. With The Really Tiny Secret Pillows the women can do all the cutting and preperation at home and only need to sew elsewhere. It is much more empowering to make in your own home.

3. We are working hard to increase the demand for Secret Pillow Project products globally and currently there is not enough demand for constant Secret Pillow making by the whole network. When we have to slow production of one part of our network they can make The Really Tiny Secret Pillows.

4. Producers generate an income by making The Really Tiny Secret Pillows.

5. Our customers are empowered because they can ensure that even the decorations on their Christmas tree are purposeful. The Really Tiny Secret Pillows will be admired by visitors over the Christmas period and our customers can explain that they are part of a global movement pushing hard for a fairer world, where all women have the confidence and resources to make their own choices for themselves and their children.

This year these Really Tiny Secret Pillows have been made by Rachel, our awesome Product Designer. She will be sending anyone that buys a Really Tiny Secret Pillow a survey to fill in the first week of January asking for feedback on the product. I will then take the amended instructions out to India on 19 January and share them with our master trainers. Then production will begin for Christmas 2017.

How cool is all of this! Please buy your Tiny Secret Pillow/s now and help us finalise the product and unfold women's power.  Buy now...

More about the product:

  • It is a Christmas Tree decoration. It unfolds just like a Secret Pillow
  • The dimensions of the Secret Pillow folded is 8 cm x 8.5 cm and unfolded it is 8 cm x 13 cm
  • Shipping is included in the price