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Bermuda Secret Pillow Store Room

Welcome to the Secret Pillow Store Room! 

You have been invited here by Alexa and Natasha Rosdol for which I am very grateful to them both.  By inviting you here, they have given you the opportunity to own your very own Secret Pillow. I found out about Secret Pillows from their mother, Stephanie, when I was only 8 years old. I was great friends with their olders sister Anna and spent a lot of time at their house. I would snuggle under the Secret Pillows on their sofa and think how much I wanted to have them on my sofa when I grew up. My love for Stephanie’s Secret Pillows have taken me on a incredible journey and led me to set up Secret Pillow Project. This project empowers women who face social and cultural challenges in South India.  This is done through the making and selling of Secret Pillows on the international market and we now have 200 producers of Secret Pillows in 3 South Indian states.

Here is a little film all about how the project began. Click here to watch it. 

The fabrics you see below have been chosen by our producers and used to make their first SAMPLE Secret Pillows. The women receive an advance of money to buy the materials and are then given an excellent trade price per pillow. This money is transformational for them as many have never had their own earnings to spend as they choose before.

I would love you to join our growing community of Secret Pillowers. A Secret Pillower is somebody who owns a Secret Pillow and who shares my vision for women. My vision is that all women have the confidence and resources needed to make their own choices for themselves and their children. Will you join us? 
Alexa and Natasha have offered to organise for any orders you place for Secret Pillows to be bagged up and brought over by them on their regular visits.
To order a Secret Pillow simply click here and then email the names of your top 3 favourite fabrics. We can’t guarantee you will get your first choice but we very much hope we will have 1 of your 3 choices. 
To read the story of the project in full, please click here. 
With love and thanks 
Fritha Vincent
Founder and CEO of Secret Pillow Project