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Secret Pillowers

Our customers or Secret Pillowers as we like to call them share our vision, and share the respect and admiration we have for our producers. They treasure their Secret Pillows and they help us by sharing the details of our project with others in their lives.

They snuggle under Secret Pillows when they have a bad day, a good day, a long day or a relaxing day. They embrace our vision and our goal and for that we thank each and every person who has bought or received a Secret Pillow.

There is no situation a Secret Pillow cannot be part of and each time a pillow is bought as a gift or for yourself, not only can you unfold your pillow into a blanket (useful!) but you are helping us to unfold women’s power worldwide.

Become a Secret Pillower, or invite someone else to as a unique gift today. Shop here

Shortly we will be adding a gallery of photos of Secret Pillowers with there much loved Secret Pillows.