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Spots & Stripes Secret Pillow Store Room

Dear Secret Pillower,

The incredible Spots & Stripes Collection is here! The Secret Pillows are beautiful, stunning, amazing, powerful....

This collection would not have been possible with the following people; the 6 super investors that each lent the project £1,000 each earlier in the year, Aimee who found the fabric printing company in Erode, Tamil Nadu, and who, with the help of her friend Steve, designed the fabric, YOU for buying the Secret Pillows and believing in the project, the incredible producers for making it and our hard working logistics team for collecting it, shipping it and delivering it to our store room.

We have plenty of each fabric, so please choose your favourite and email your choice to

If you would like to make to buy more, or buy one for a friend, please click here.  

Thank you for being Secret Pillowers and driving our special project empowering women.

In deep gratitude,


Secret Pillow Project Leader

Fabric choices....

Beach Hut

Sahara Stripes

Jungle Vines

Red Between The Lines

Red Polka Dots

Turquoise Polka Dots

Violet Polka Dots

Pina Colada Dots