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The Big Choosing - the logistics!


I am so excited about the weekend of The Big Choosing for the Secret Sari Dresses. To make it a success there is much to be done prior and over the weekend. All I can promise you is a lot of laughs, Indian food, wine and the delicious feeling of purposefulness that comes from giving yourself in service to others. To me this is the greatest feeling life has to offer us.

The Big Choosing is on Saturday 20 May at 10.30am. Click here to find out more about this special event. I am looking for volunteers to help me make it a success. Success for me means as many customers choose their Secret Saris as possible in one weekend and the process and the subsequent sending out is as smooth as possible.

I have devised a system which, I hope, we support us to be successful. But the system only works if we have some dedicated volunteers to commit to this. Where possible I want volunteers to be as consistent as possible in the roles because there won't be much time to keep briefing new volunteers in.

Please check out the volunteering roles and timings and if you can volunteer please email me at

Volunteering prior to The Big Choosing

1. Secret Sari Dress photographers, coders and editors are need to photograph, edit and code, 850 Secret Sari Dresses. This has to happen in our Tooting office and will take place on the following evenings.

Tuesday 9 May from 6.30pm until 9pm

Thursday 11 May from 6.30pm until 9pm

Tuesday 16 May from 6.30pm until 9pm

Thursday 18 May from 6.30pm until 9pm

Indian food, music and some lovely wine will company each evening. We need people who love to organise, and are ok at using photo editor on the mac and happy to fly about excel.

Volunteering at The Big Choosing

Volunteering over The Big Choosing weekend will be organised like this...

Saturday 20 May - briefing at Secret Projects Tooting Office 9-9.45am followed by coffee and time to take to our stations and ask questions. As a volunteer you will be able to choose your Secret Sari Dress and we will use the ones we choose to do a dummy of our systems. 10.30am is when everything goes live and we will work till 1pm and then break for a 30 minute indian lunch. At 4.30pm we will knock off and head out for a glass of wine or pint.

Sunday 21 May - we will start at 11am sharp, coming early for a coffee and to get settled in and work until 4.30pm.

There are the following roles over the weekend. Some are already filled. The roles that are left are ones that people can pick up fairly quickly, so I have split them into shifts.

So the roles are:

1. Emailer that is controlling and This is going to be brilliant Aimee.

2. Shopify and excel controller. This is going to wonderful Jo.

3. Query orders, sale enquiries and social media. Fritha will be selling hard on these two days.

4. Picker of the dresses which are coded.

5. Packers x 2 (to double up as our chi wallie)

6. Quality control. There is no body better for this than our hero, Sarah.

What we don't know at this stage is how busy The Big Choosing weekend will be ´╗┐but we are doing everything in our power, in our prior communications, to get all pre-order customers to realise how important and necesssary it is to choose their Secret Sari Dresses that weekend. We never thought we would sell so many out of the 1000 so the choosing is going to be more exciting because the numbers to choose from will be effectively less. #chooseearlierforthebestselection┬á

Even though I am really nervous about this weekend, I am also so excited too for a million different reasons, the primary on being women's power as unfolded.

Looking forward to welcoming you on board.

Love Fritha