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Why unfold women's power?

 One of the biggest myths is that children in orphanages are there because they have no parents. This is not the case. Most are there because their parents simply cannot afford to feed, clothe and educate them” Jasmine Whitbread, Chief Executive, Save the Children*

When Fritha Vincent, founder of Secret Pillow Project, heard these words from Jasmine Whitbread, she knew she had to do something about it. Fritha carried these words with her on trips to and from India while she searched for a way to make a difference.

Secret Pillow Project grew from a genuine desire to empower women by giving them the outlet and resources to make their own choices, and thereby enabling them not only to look after themselves with growing confidence, but their children as well. The project's impact on these families means that no family has to give up a child because it cannot afford to keep him or her.

* Save the Children Report, 2011 Keeping children out of harmful institutions (Click here to read it)